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Andresen Dry White
Andresen Dry White
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€ 11,71
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Tipo: Branco 
Categoria:  White 
Álcool 20 % 
Nr. Produto 2823 
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Beber agora ou guardar até 5 anos
Notas do Produtor
This Dry White Port has a pleasant woody aroma with notes of dried raisin, It has a good volume on the palate with hints of “rancio” a lively acidity and a persistent dry finish.


Jann Hinrich Andresen was born in Oevenum on the Friesian island of Föhr in 1825. His parents, Thomaz Andresen and Thunke Poppen could only afford to send him to school in winter, so he worked as a cowherd in the summer months. On this remote island canning and fishing were the dominant activities.
In 1840 aged 14, he left the island of Föhr, and set sail for Porto, as the youngest member of the crew.

Today more than 160 years since its foundation, the company remains proudly independent, and is one of the few 100% family-owned Portuguese Port Houses.
The pioneering spirit of Jann Hinrich can still be felt today, as the company creates new markets, and delivers fine and precious Porto wines across the globe.

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Morada: Av. Aida Bloco 1, Escr 111 2765-187 Estoril, Portugal