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Samalens Napoleon
Samalens Napoleon
Samalens - FR
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Tipo  Armagnac 
Álcool 40 % 
Nr. Produto 3153 
Notas do Produtor
Colour slightly ambered, very luminous. Bouquet very fruity : peach, abricot, quince. Pleasant, fine, elegant to the palate ; the fruity taste and the tannin of the wood melt together into an unctuous blend.

An old Bas Armagnac, round, pleasant and well balanced.

Estojo oferta.
Founded in 1882 by the great-grandfather Jean SAMALENS the company is now owned by the SAMALENS family. The present generation is represented by Pierre son of Georges Samalens.

The SAMALENS Company is situated at Laujuzan, amongst vineyards and oak trees in the heart of the BAS ARMAGNAC area, where the best Armagnac is produced.

The wines distilled by SAMALENS are exclusively selected from the best soils of the BAS ARMAGNAC region, particularly from the small area known as ‘GRAND BAS ARMAGNAC’.

The SAMALENS distillery is by now the most important in the area with eight stills, the oldest of which, dating from the 19th century.

The stock of Armagnac SAMALENS is one of the most important of the delimited Armagnac area. It consists of the most exclusive qualities of BAS ARMAGNAC, some of them being sumptuous and very old reserves , the oldest one consisting in vintage 1888.

SAMALENS developed 4 exclusive decanters, probably the most beautiful range of the Brandy world. Thanks to the perfect quality of his Bas Armagnac and the beauty of the design, SAMALENS is the sales leader in some of the most difficult markets of the world as Japan and Taïwan.

Since 1882 SAMALENS never distilled or sold anything else but BAS ARMAGNAC.
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Morada: Av. Aida Bloco 1, Escr 111 2765-187 Estoril, Portugal